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Request for photography

Our new website is in need of more pictures of our military products. If you have high res, high quality pictures of Mystery Ranch military products being used in the field, contact

Thanks for your support, and have fun out there!… READ MORE >

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New Website Goes Live

Check out our new website at!… READ MORE >

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Mystery Ranch at Outdoor Retailer

Check out the article: MORE >

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Happy Valentines

Thanks for the awesome cake Mimi!


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AK08 – Mystery Ranch on Denali Part I


Andrew Crow, Ray Baker, and Mark Seacat doing their best to keep the scale in perspective. Kahiltna Glacier, Alaska. Photo by Kyle Christenson

5/21 Day three 7800 feet

We slept as long as we could. At least until the intense sub-arctic sun drove us out of the Dutch Ovens we refer to as tents. The rest of the day was spent lounging around camp in our underwear eating cheesy meaty grits, drinking too much Dead Man’s Reach and watching the guided groups slog by in the wet snow and severe heat.

Cheesy Meaty Grits for Everyone! Photo by Matt Steen… READ MORE >

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He’d been shooting his bow for months.  The dedication was intense.  He spent the shortening days of the fading summer quivering with excitement and expectation.  And now the season is here.

It’s Friday, but he’s been packed since Tuesday.  We split work as soon as the boss relents to our incessant pestering.  Scouting has paid off and he’s seen his bull.  He tells me he’s seen it every day, in his mind; he’s experienced the kill in his dreams.  This is borderline spiritual.

The bugles fade with the light.  We camp on an adjacent ridge making quiet plans as we … READ MORE >

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