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Ryan Walters 2011, 80s Cult tribute: Bridger Brigade Productions

Ryan Walters recently sent us this Video that breaks down his 2010/2011 Skiing Season… it’s worth checking out… a few times!


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Ryan Walters’ journey through the Freeskiing World Tour

“Freeskiing” started in the 80’s as a way to defy the rules, take the sport in new directions, and generally have a blast. Not much has changed in 31 years, and skiing is progressing faster than ever, thanks in part to contests and the development of freeskiing as a professional sport. The Freeskiing World Tour is one such arena, and one way that I enjoy my winter. The tour comprises of a South American leg in our summer, then the North American leg in our winter. This season I hit the three largest stops.

The crowd at Snowbird

Revelstoke, BC kicks off the North American Leg with the Canadian Freeskiing Championships. After several powder days and 30 in of snow the competition got under way. Here Athletes got heli rides to the top of this peak for the finals day. The resort offers an incredible amount of skiing, I cannot wait to get back here to do more exploring.


Revelstoke comp

The drive to Lake Tahoe from Bozeman is brutal, even stopping in SLC for mexican food, wannabe beers, and a place to crash. Upon arriving in Kirkwood for the North American Freeskiing Championships we found sunny skies, the … READ MORE >

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