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Ryan Walters 2011, 80s Cult tribute: Bridger Brigade Productions

Ryan Walters recently sent us this Video that breaks down his 2010/2011 Skiing Season… it’s worth checking out… a few times!


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Ryan Walters’ journey through the Freeskiing World Tour

“Freeskiing” started in the 80’s as a way to defy the rules, take the sport in new directions, and generally have a blast. Not much has changed in 31 years, and skiing is progressing faster than ever, thanks in part to contests and the development of freeskiing as a professional sport. The Freeskiing World Tour is one such arena, and one way that I enjoy my winter. The tour comprises of a South American leg in our summer, then the North American leg in our winter. This season I hit the three largest stops.

The crowd at Snowbird

Revelstoke, BC … READ MORE >

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