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The Golf Mahal


The first thing that one sees when the bag is closed is what I call the Darth Vader Mask. This is a source of much rejoicing, specifically for coastal and mountain golfers that aren’t afraid to play in the elements, but really for all tournament golfers that have had to play in the rain at one point or another with a bag that didn’t cut the mustard. The lid entirely covers the mouth of the pack and has rain gutters that extend down the sides so as to keep out rain, sleet, or snow (and whatever else Mother Nature might have up here sleeve depending on where you play).

This will keep dry those of your precious children you have chosen to live in the main compartment of the bag, but don’t worry about your babies – they are safe and sound in the rain fly that extends to keep those putters of yours nice and dry, and as an added precaution you can buckle them in at the base of the bag, locking in the rain fly.

How many discs can YOU carry?

Though the Golf Mahal has water bottle pockets on either side that hold even the largest … READ MORE >

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Turning Japanese


Sweetgrass founder Nick Waggoner pauses before lining up the last shot of the day.

January 8, 2009; After cramming 180lbs of ski gear, cameras, and junk into my packs, I jumped a flight out of LAX to spend the next three months documenting face shots, hot-springs, sushi parties and karaoke, with Sweetgrass Productions in Japan. For their sophomore release, Sweetgrass spent nearly half a year in Japan, shooting full season of backcountry skiing on the northern island Hokkaido.

MC Larivee seeing sushi.

The happy face of Kutchan.

We based operations out of the scarcely know farming community Kutchan.  With a smiling anthropomorphic potato on skis for a mascot, Kutchan is half the size of Bozeman located 15 minutes from the resort town Niseko- home to record seasonal snowfalls and six interconnected resorts.

A pissed off Shunichiro Kikuchi asks himself: “who the hell forgot to groom this stuff!?”

The snow was terrible: it fell all the time, was light, and stayed deep for days.  To make matters worse, we found that sushi was available at nearly every restaurant and roadside convenience store, an also, that almost everyone drives on the wrong side of the road in Japan.  Despite all this, the … READ MORE >

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Mystery Ranch Parking Lot Sale!

Bring on the LOCALS!

Saturday June 20th 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Mystery Ranch Parking Lot is located in Bozeman Montana.

The Address is:
34156 E. Frontage Rd.
Bozeman MT 59715

50%-70% off. Hundreds of packs to sell. Hourly Give Aways, Free Hotdogs.

One of a kind Dana built prototypes and Mystery Ranch U.S.A Built 2nd’s will also be sold.

The best discounts will be available on CBMR packs and frames.

Here’s an example….. our Foliage CBMR Orion’s will be selling for $215.00….. and we have close to 50 total. These will go fast.

I’m sorry if you can’t attend!!!  This sale is limited to packs sold in person from the sales event. I suggest calling a friend in Montana if you can’t make it!!! Sale is limited to stock on hand. Saturday only. All purchases are final, no returns no exchanges.

See you there!!!… READ MORE >

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Happy Valentines

Thanks for the awesome cake Mimi!


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The Design story of the Saddle Peak ski pack


Prototypes in Process. Photo by Mark Seacat

You could say that many of us here at “The Ranch” are obsessed with skiing.  Bozeman has roughly 4-5 months of stoke season and 7 of pure bliss.  Before the snow really began to build up this year, Kyle, Kenzie, and I wanted to add something special to the Mystery Ranch ski pack line. Coincidently, a new lift expansion at Bridger Bowl has changed the one-hour hike to the top of the aesthetic Saddle Peak into a 20-minute affair.  We decided to develop a new ski pack to commemorate the new era that is about to commence at Bridger Bowl. The nature of the new terrain necessitates avalanche gear, and Bridger is requiring it to get on the lift. The need for a pack that combined features for both inbounds and backcountry riding fueled our desire to design a pack and provided a creative platform with specific design goals.

These were the primary design features we wanted the Saddle Peak Pack to have:

  1. Quick, easy and secure access to avy gear.
  2. A ski carrying system that is quick, stable and easy to operate that accommodates even the widest skis.
  3. A design that will

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