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As the Bobbin Turns……

Moving In… the Timelapse!

Moving into a brand new building this January was quite the event!  We captured the three day process through the camera lens… it only took 10,369 photos stitched together to make this video!… READ MORE >

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Dana goes REALLY BIG on the Facebook Pack Giveway!

Did you win?!  Watch the video to find out!!!


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Winter Wonderland Adventures with the Naya Nuki

Featuring: Naya Nuki

Snowshoeing up to Fairy Lake with friends Nathan and Tim, along with two snow-loving and energetic dogs, Cassidy & Mac, we headed straight into the face of the Chinook winds.  I was glad to have the Naya Nuki pack upon my back keeping me warm, while also holding snacks & electrolyte drinks to keep me fueled for the long 4-hour trek ahead.  The wind-swept snowy road led us on a gradual hill climb winding our way towards the lake with views of both the Crazy mountains & jagged peaks of the Bridgers.  Stopping for a brief lunch break among a stand of trees, I was thankful for the momentary break from the gusty gale.  Sweet & sturdy Cassidy took shelter behind the resting Naya Nuki, which acted as a perfect wind block for her medium dog sized body.  Just a short drive north of town, the Bridger Mountains frame the backdrop of the Bozeman, Montana skyline.  An outdoor person’s year round playground, I was very excited about exploring the snowy trail to Fairy Lake that brought us closer to the heart of the range.  A range of many peaks for which a few of our Mystery Ranch packs are named.… READ MORE >

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Winners Announced!!! 2011 Mystery Ranch Photo and Video Contest


The entries have been received, the chads dimpled, ties settled with sewing machines at 20 paces and recounts recounted. We are proud to announce and showcase the winners of the 2011 Mystery Ranch photo and video contest. Congratulations to grand prize winners Ryan Krueger, Matthew Irving and KGB Productions and thanks to everyone who entered your unbelievably awesome photos and videos.… READ MORE >

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Behind the Pack – The Artistic Talents of Some of our Mystery Ranch Employees

Your Mystery Ranch backpack arrives and it is a dream pack, sturdy and well built. Behind each pack is a crew of super skilled production employees, who meticulously hand-make and inspect each product that Mystery Ranch produces. The design was originally created, then prototypes were tested. The fabric is hand-cut, the pack is hand-sewn, the foam is hand-stuffed and many eyes have looked over every nook and cranny of the pack. Mystery Ranch employees sew through multiple layers of tough fabric and a myriad of fastenings and straps. The crew behind the packs are outstanding. Rigorous high standards and a crew known for their technical precision are what sets Mystery Ranch Backpacks beyond ordinary outdoor packs. Each pack is finely hand-crafted right here in the USA.

Many of the employees are artistically creative and detail oriented, even outside of the usual workday. The “ranchers,” as Mystery Ranch employees are nicknamed, are a crew of artisans and craftspeople. Nearly every artistic discipline is represented by the current staff. One sews beautiful corduroy messenger hats and lined handbags, while another knits natural colored hats and mittens for the chilly Bozeman winters. A long-time rancher brews homemade beer, named Love Potion #9 and … READ MORE >

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More Golf Mahals Coming from the Mystery Ranch!

MR at the USDGC
Featuring: Golf Mahal

Here is the skinny for all you Golf Mahalics out there:

We have slated another run of the Golf Mahal to start the end of April. This means that bags will become available, hopefully, by mid-June and shipping by the end of that month.

There are 60 bags coming; 15 each in 4 different colors, 3 of which are new! We will continue to offer the bag in Multicam (a camouflage print made by Crye Precision), and will also offer:

- ACU (a digital camouflage pattern)
- Black with Foliage highlights (Foliage is a grey shade)
- Toxic Green with Foliage highlights

Pictures are included of the Golf Mahal built in ACU, Multicam, and Black/Foliage, but you’ll just have to wait to see the Toxic Avenger of Disc Golf Bags!

Yet again, a pre-order list has been started and names are pouring in. So, with only 15 bags of each color being made, make sure that you order sooner rather than later if a particular color strikes your fancy.

To pre-order all you have to do is call the Sales office at 406-585-1428 and put a credit card on hold. You will not be charged until the bag is shipped.… READ MORE >

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First Production run of The “Golf Mahal” to be available in February!

Featuring: Golf Mahal

So, I know a lot of you have been waiting a while to get your hands on the bag, but I have finalized the design and bags will be going into production by the beginning of January.  I thought we would be able to expedite this process and get the bags out sooner, but we are just so busy right now that this is not feasible.  I apologize to those whom I told the bag would be available sooner, but I assure you that the wait will be well worth it!  We are a small homegrown company that builds the most durable gear on the market, and because of this our bags are immensely labor intensive.  We have the highest quality standards fo backpacks on the market today both in our construction and inspection of our bags, and are privileged enough to employ Montanans to do so.  Designing the Golf Mahal is only a part of what I do here at the Mystery Ranch as most of my prior experience lies in pre-production, inspection, and finishing of products.  I now also train new employees how to sew and use the other various machines we utilize.  It is through a combination … READ MORE >

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Mystery Ranch teams up with Seattle based clothing company Maiden Noir

Mystery Ranch has agreed to team up with Seattle based fashion company Maiden Noir to build a limited run of custom backpacks. Designed off the wildly popular 3 Day Assault used by the US Special Forces, this 2000 cubic inch pack has been reworked for the user who carries a laptop instead of a military Foxtrot radio. The bag utilizes the same unique 3Zip opening, while simplified side panels provide a trim and sleek profile. Like all Mystery Ranch packs, the Maiden Noir edition will employ the patented Futura Adjustment System and is compatible with the Live Wing waist belt upgrade. It will be available through Maiden Noir in brown or black.

See the packs at


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Mystery Ranch Parking Lot Sale!

Bring on the LOCALS!

Saturday June 20th 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Mystery Ranch Parking Lot is located in Bozeman Montana.

The Address is:
34156 E. Frontage Rd.
Bozeman MT 59715

50%-70% off. Hundreds of packs to sell. Hourly Give Aways, Free Hotdogs.

One of a kind Dana built prototypes and Mystery Ranch U.S.A Built 2nd’s will also be sold.

The best discounts will be available on CBMR packs and frames.

Here’s an example….. our Foliage CBMR Orion’s will be selling for $215.00….. and we have close to 50 total. These will go fast.

I’m sorry if you can’t attend!!!  This sale is limited to packs sold in person from the sales event. I suggest calling a friend in Montana if you can’t make it!!! Sale is limited to stock on hand. Saturday only. All purchases are final, no returns no exchanges.

See you there!!!… READ MORE >

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“Wow, I made this Pack!”

“Wow, I made this pack.” That was the thought in my head as I worked to carry sixty plus pounds at fifteen thousand feet on Aconcagua. South America’s highest peak is located in Argentina along the spine of the rugged Andes mountain range. At 22,849 feet, it is the highest point outside of the Himalaya in Asia. Our route is called the “False Polish” traverse. There are three camps above base camp and we will spend a total of 16 days on the mountain. We will shuttle our gear and supplies up the mountain in alternating carries and moves. This is what mountaineers call “capsule style” climbing. We carried everything up and down the mountain ourselves as a self supported climbing team. I knew what was involved in climbing Aconcagua because I had been there the previous winter. Before I left for Argentina this time, I built a stripped down version of the Mystery Ranch G6000. I wanted a pack that carried as well as the G-series but I wanted to make it as light as possible. It all seemed like a blur. Building the pack, planning the trip, organizing the gear, buying the food, and getting myself and two … READ MORE >

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