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As the Bobbin Turns……

The Design story of the Saddle Peak ski pack


Prototypes in Process. Photo by Mark Seacat

You could say that many of us here at “The Ranch” are obsessed with skiing.  Bozeman has roughly 4-5 months of stoke season and 7 of pure bliss.  Before the snow really began to build up this year, Kyle, Kenzie, and I wanted to add something special to the Mystery Ranch ski pack line. Coincidently, a new lift expansion at Bridger Bowl has changed the one-hour hike to the top of the aesthetic Saddle Peak into a 20-minute affair.  We decided to develop a new ski pack to commemorate the new era that is about to commence at Bridger Bowl. The nature of the new terrain necessitates avalanche gear, and Bridger is requiring it to get on the lift. The need for a pack that combined features for both inbounds and backcountry riding fueled our desire to design a pack and provided a creative platform with specific design goals.

These were the primary design features we wanted the Saddle Peak Pack to have:

  1. Quick, easy and secure access to avy gear.
  2. A ski carrying system that is quick, stable and easy to operate that accommodates even the widest skis.
  3. A design that will

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