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More Golf Mahals Coming from the Mystery Ranch!


Here is the skinny for all you Golf Mahalics out there:

We have slated another run of the Golf Mahal to start the end of April. This means that bags will become available, hopefully, by mid-June and shipping by the end of that month.

There are 60 bags coming; 15 each in 4 different colors, 3 of which are new! We will continue to offer the bag in Multicam (a camouflage print made by Crye Precision), and will also offer:

– ACU (a digital camouflage pattern)
– Black with Foliage highlights (Foliage is a grey shade)
– Toxic Green with Foliage highlights

Pictures are included of the Golf Mahal built in ACU, Multicam, and Black/Foliage, but you’ll just have to wait to see the Toxic Avenger of Disc Golf Bags!

Yet again, a pre-order list has been started and names are pouring in. So, with only 15 bags of each color being made, make sure that you order sooner rather than later if a particular color strikes your fancy.

To pre-order all you have to do is call the Sales office at 406-585-1428 and put a credit card on hold. You will not be charged until the bag is shipped.… READ MORE >

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First Production run of The “Golf Mahal” to be available in February!


So, I know a lot of you have been waiting a while to get your hands on the bag, but I have finalized the design and bags will be going into production by the beginning of January.  I thought we would be able to expedite this process and get the bags out sooner, but we are just so busy right now that this is not feasible.  I apologize to those whom I told the bag would be available sooner, but I assure you that the wait will be well worth it!  We are a small homegrown company that builds the most durable gear on the market, and because of this our bags are immensely labor intensive.  We have the highest quality standards fo backpacks on the market today both in our construction and inspection of our bags, and are privileged enough to employ Montanans to do so.  Designing the Golf Mahal is only a part of what I do here at the Mystery Ranch as most of my prior experience lies in pre-production, inspection, and finishing of products.  I now also train new employees how to sew and use the other various machines we utilize.  It is through a combination … READ MORE >

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The Golf Mahal


The first thing that one sees when the bag is closed is what I call the Darth Vader Mask. This is a source of much rejoicing, specifically for coastal and mountain golfers that aren’t afraid to play in the elements, but really for all tournament golfers that have had to play in the rain at one point or another with a bag that didn’t cut the mustard. The lid entirely covers the mouth of the pack and has rain gutters that extend down the sides so as to keep out rain, sleet, or snow (and whatever else Mother Nature might have up here sleeve depending on where you play).

This will keep dry those of your precious children you have chosen to live in the main compartment of the bag, but don’t worry about your babies – they are safe and sound in the rain fly that extends to keep those putters of yours nice and dry, and as an added precaution you can buckle them in at the base of the bag, locking in the rain fly.

How many discs can YOU carry?

Though the Golf Mahal has water bottle pockets on either side that hold even the largest … READ MORE >

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