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Curing Cabin Fever


After Outdoor Retailer Dave Downing and I, plus 4 others, one dog and a ridiculous amount of gear strategically stuffed ourselves into a minivan and set off toward Carbondale, CO. Carbondale is where I grew up and I was excited to revisit after about a 10 year hiatus. Dave and I had planned to ski some of the backcountry outside of Marble, which is about an hour drive outside of Carbondale. Unfortunately avalanche conditions turned from bad to worse when a strong Southern storm dropped about 3 feet of fluff in 2-3 days. Our suspicions of instability were vindicated once we had heard reports of large slides being remotely triggered in Marble. We immediately opted for a whole new approach for our days in Colorado.

The author sampling some silky pow.

Dave looking good as always.

Low angle slopes and snowmobiling on safe open meadows was the obvious and reliable option- and the best remedy for my cabin fever. One area in particular, a local standby when conditions are questionable near Sunlight Ski Resort called Willie’s proved to have great skiing.

Yours truly hucking a small cornice

With only around 1200′ of vertical multiple laps are possible and with little … READ MORE >

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Testing my Luck.


Waking up friday morning, I head to my home office to send a few quick emails and do a bit of work before my lazy 9am departure. I’ll be skiing near Marble, CO in a few hours, but need my clients to think I’m happily working first. A quick phone call to one of my favorite clients ends with a disturbing conclusion; “Happy Friday the 13th” she says!

I’m typically a rational person. However, my mother passed one negative trait on to me that I’ve been fighting off most of my life.
I’m prone to occasional bouts of superstition. Combine that with my attempt to be more conservative in the backcountry, and suddenly I’m feeling a bit apprehensive about the day.

Suck it up, Dave!

I’m heading out with a good crew. Skiers and riders I know to be conservative and willing to back down when necessary. Our resident
telemarker is a local guide. We know the area and that we can eek our way safely out. But still, Friday the 13th!

We arrive at the trailhead without incident, “Whew!” Through on our gear, mine being loaded into my Sweet Pea. We ascend into the trees, which confirm the … READ MORE >

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