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Curing Cabin Fever


After Outdoor Retailer Dave Downing and I, plus 4 others, one dog and a ridiculous amount of gear strategically stuffed ourselves into a minivan and set off toward Carbondale, CO. Carbondale is where I grew up and I was excited to revisit after about a 10 year hiatus. Dave and I had planned to ski some of the backcountry outside of Marble, which is about an hour drive outside of Carbondale. Unfortunately avalanche conditions turned from bad to worse when a strong Southern storm dropped about 3 feet of fluff in 2-3 days. Our suspicions of instability were vindicated once … READ MORE >

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Testing my Luck.


Waking up friday morning, I head to my home office to send a few quick emails and do a bit of work before my lazy 9am departure. I’ll be skiing near Marble, CO in a few hours, but need my clients to think I’m happily working first. A quick phone call to one of my favorite clients ends with a disturbing conclusion; “Happy Friday the 13th” she says!

I’m typically a rational person. However, my mother passed one negative trait on to me that I’ve been fighting off most of my life.
I’m prone to occasional bouts of superstition. Combine … READ MORE >

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